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5 Countries History Buffs Can Visit With A U.S. Passport 

Each country has its own story. There are histories that can only be fully experienced if you visit the site where it took place. Are you a person who loves to travel and study the place you visit simultaneously? Do you love history and culture? As long as you process your US passport, then you can see these 5 countries and experience history at its finest.


Another country found in South Asia, this is the second-most populous place in the world. But do not be turned off by this information because the number of people the country holds is as many as the number of historical stories the country has. The country is rich in religious history because of the 4 religions that originated in the country: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. India is considered a developing country despite the rise in their economic status. The residents of India up to this date, still stick to their ancient practices. They have a diverse religion, culture, practices and cuisine.


Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. The country is also highly populated but this does not affect the rich history that the country is proudly known for. It is believed that civilization started in Egypt. The ancient residents have experienced urbanization, commercialization and other modern practices. Popular sites that can be visited in Egypt are the Giza Necropolis and its Great Sphinx, the ruins from the different reign of kings, the Nile river and the pyramids. Due to the popular and iconic monuments in the country, the interest of archeologists and historians have been focused in this place. At present, Modern Egypt has significantly contributed to the military, cultural and political influence in North Africa and the  Middle East.


The Philippines is an archipelago with 1,707 islands. It is a small country located in South East Asia. Aside from the thousands of places you can visit in the country and the warm and hospitable people to meet, the Philippines has a wide and deep historical background that you can learn from. The country does not have very strict immigration and foreign travel policies so it is easy to visit the place with just a US passport. They were colonized by the Spaniards, the by the Japanese until they were reigned upon by the Americans. The Philippines have rich cultural backgrounds and up until this day, there are still local minority ethnic groups in the country that have not been affected by modernization.


Known as the Hellas during the ancient times, it is presently and officially known as the Hellenic Republic. It has been said that Greece is the birthplace of many historical events such as democracy, Olympic Games, politics, etc. Aside from the breathtaking views and beautiful buildings and infrastructures in the country, Greece offers rich historical backgrounds and interesting literature. The country’s legacy is reflected with it being part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you get your passport ready, you can visit Greece and get to be in the land where gods were known to once roam.


Everyone knows how rich the culture and the history of Italy is. This country offers numerous historical infrastructures and literary pieces. It plays a significant role in terms of the military, political and economic affairs of the European government. Italy is the home of well-known artists and is one of the biggest contributors to literature.

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