7 Benefits Of Being A Solo Traveler

Want to start a solo journey? Of course, you can! Some people may find it unsatisfying because group travel is fun, but traveling alone can be rewarding too. Good things can happen whether you travel with a group or not. However, there are things that sets solo travel apart from group-based excursions. Below are some of the experiences you can get from taking on the world all by yourself.

Discover More Of Yourself

Traveling worldwide opens your mind and sees things you wouldn’t normally see in your home. But you also start to get to know yourself better. Here, you witness the lives of others whose way of life is different from yours. You begin to think of how different you are from them. It’s like meditation. You think deep on how different people are, yet are still so strikingly similar. It’s like peeling an onion slowly until you’ve reached the core. You uncover many truths as you travel more.

More Affordable

There are costs involved when traveling. This is even true for so-called free trips. Having a trip with family and friends is sometimes more fun than doing it with your own, but it’s also more expensive. Unless you’re a billionaire, you can’t pay for dinner in a highly luxurious restaurant to feed every friend and member of your family. But when you travel alone, you can afford the more expensive places and accommodations because you’re only paying for yourself.


Groups often get into disagreements. Each member has his own way of doing things and planning things. They are contending with each other about where the next trip should take place. As a solo traveler, you won’t have to worry about this. Everything’s up to you. You decide where your next destination is, and you are unopposed. You will have the freedom to choose where to go and when for the whole trip. 


Being alone sometimes makes you insecure. But if you take the challenge to explore the world all by yourself, you can sense an immediate accomplishment. You fear the unknown. But once you face the unknown, the true face of fear reveals itself. You’ve seen it and you get used to it. You no longer fear it. Traveling can be an initiation to true maturity on your part. You learn just by observing a foreign place and its people. Every bit of wisdom comes to you.

Easy Bonding With Strangers

Usually, when a person travels with a group, he tends to stick with the members. There is less communication with strangers, letting the leading member of the group do the talking. When you’re traveling alone, you are apt to talk with strangers, from asking them for directions to taking lessons from them. This experience is invaluable. There is a good chance to develop friendships with a strangers. 

Keeping It Secret

There are some things in life that we want to keep for ourselves. This is natural. When you travel alone, you can do anything and everything and no one you know will be there to judge you or chastise you. You can have fun without thinking of image issues or anything like that. It’s the ultimate freedom, being anonymous in a new place.

You’re Never Alone

Who said that being alone is sad? In traveling, you never feel alone. How could you? You’re busy looking at things, talking to strangers, doing some work, play, walking, running, hiking, taking photos, videotaping, writing things down on your journal, etc. All of these activities are both fun and challenging. You have no one to control you for the world is your oyster. Plus, you can always have a chat with your family and friends through phone or Internet anytime of the day.

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