7 Ways To Overcome Jetlag

For travelers, having jet lag can ruin a trip. Jet lag disrupts our default circadian rhythms, that causes us to feel tired and sleepy. We need an adjustment strategy to help us adapt to a new environment with vigor. Here are 8 ways to avoid jetlag so you can enjoy your trip even more and make the most out of your travels.

Adjust Your Bed Time

There are two directions in the world you need to consider for your bedtime adjustment. If you booked a flight eastward, then adjust your sleeping time earlier than your regular one. Make it a pattern to sleep about half an hour earlier per night before the day of the actual flight. When traveling west, do the opposite; that is to sleep each night later than your default bed time. So, by the time you are on the air, you should feel sleepy at the right time of the night (near or in the region you visit).

Arrive Early

Traveling to another country would need personal adjustment. In order for you to do that, you need to arrive a few days before an event actually takes place. This will help you adjust yourself in the new surroundings. The previous preparation should make you accustomed to sleep at a region’s designated night time. Your meal times would have been adjusted by now as well. 

Keep Hydrated

Always have water with you. It would be best if you drank before, during and after the flight. Water keeps you hydrated. Do not consume caffeinated and alcoholic beverages a few minutes or hours before sleeping. These liquids can disrupt your sleep and may cause dehydration.

Do Workouts

Exercise before your flight. You can jog, strength train, stretch, etc. days before your departure in order to condition your body. While riding the plane, you can do stretching and static exercises since your movement inside the aircraft is very limited. Make sure that you do not end up annoying your seatmates. When you get out of the plane, don’t do any heavy exercises near your bed time. This can delay your sleep.

Sunlight Exposure

Nature has a way to boost your body systems. Sunlight can regulate circadian rhythms when a person is exposed to it. When to expose your body to the sun depends on where you are going. If going eastward, get as much afternoon light as possible. When going westward, get good light in the mornings. This helps to keep you awake and well-rested at the appropriate times of the country.

Have A Nice Hot Bath

Many of us know how relaxing a hot bath is, especially before bedtime. The bath eases tired nerves and sore muscles you got from the flight and your travel internationally. A drop of your body temperature after bathing can make you sleepy. 

Do Away With Distractions

Distractions can come in your sleeping preparations for the flight as well as during and after your flight. Get an eye mask and ear plugs when you are about to sleep on board. When adjusting your bedtime before and after boarding a plane, go to a quieter place. Listening to soft or ambient music can soothe your mind and help you sleep better.


If you fly frequently, you will likely do these sleeping strategies often. You can also make an appointment with a specialist in order to know the appropriate medical approach in adjusting your present circadian rhythm. Doing all of these things give you energy and focus so you can minimize stress in your travels. Don’t let jet lag ruin your trip.

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