Airplane Etiquette – What Everyone Should Know

In boarding an aircraft, we need to learn important manners. How many times have you been irritated by someone in an airplane? What behaviors do you find the most annoying? 

The thing is, we all want to avoid stress when traveling, and the behavior of other passengers can be very stressful. Airplane etiquette goes a long way in ensuring everyone has a stress-free flight. Here are some things that you should follow when on an airplane:

Don’t Turn Up The Volume

Don’t talk loud while inside the plane. Socialization is fun and important, but don’t go overboard. Many passengers in the plane want to rest or enjoy an air of tranquility in their lives. In the contained interior of the plane, your voice can reverberate to anyone near you. Save the wild talk for when you’re outside of the airplane.

Flight Attendants Are Not Your Personal Slaves

Flight attendants are busy when serving guests. So please don’t make them wait for too long because you can’t decide on your orders. Remember that all passengers’ needs must be met, not just yours. Flight attendants have a lot of guests to attend to so make sure you make good use of their time and treat them well.

Turn It Off

Don’t use your cell phone or laptop if you are told not to. Electrical interruptions may affect the plane’s flight operations. That is why you always see flight attendants telling all of you to turn off all your electrical gadgets once the aircraft is about to take off. You will get a chance to use them soon.

When Sitting In The Window Seat

Open and closing the window from time to time may sound a small matter for you, but to others it’s unbearable. If the sun’s glare has reached your face, wait for a few minutes to see if it disappears. If not, then close and wait for another minute or two before opening the window again.

Use The Wash Room

Do your personal cleaning sessions inside the wash room. Cleaning your nose with your fingers or even just spraying yourself with perfume can be annoying to others. You yourself may find it equally deplorable if you see others doing it. Be smart and head to the wash room where you’re free to clean everything.

The Plane Is Not Your Home

Riding on a plane is a privilege you paid for, but it’s not your home. Don’t adjust your chair to make it lay flat because you will occupy the space of the person behind you. Beside, aircraft seats have adjustment limits to accommodate passengers in such a confined space. Don’t continuously re-adjust the seat.

Cool It Down

Control your temper no matter what. Unpleasant situations in the plane can naturally drive up our emotions to the boiling point. Be civilized and try to settle the issue with real maturity. You can always call the flight attendant to act as peacemaker. You don’t want to be remembered as the plane’s big bully.

Make Them Behave

If you have kids, try to calm them down. Most people in the plane understand that kids are kids; meaning they’re too young to understand the world around them. But you also have to be considerate. If your kids are crying and screaming, find a way to calm them down and convince them to behave.

Use But Don’t Abuse

Be mindful of the plane’s properties. Yes, you have the privilege to watch the aircraft’s in-built TV, seat, window pane and phone. But don’t overuse them. Remember that another person will use them once you’re out of the plane. You will also contribute to the airline’s cutting cost measures.

Respect Waiting Lines

Everybody wants to get out of the plane. Everybody needs to get to their connecting flight on time. However, due to the number of passengers crowding in the limited space of the aircraft, one must learn to give way and move in an organized manner.

These are some airplane etiquette that everyone should observe when on a flight. Traveling can already be stressful so at least help in making everyone have a relaxing time during the flight.

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