Cheap air travel is what everyone wants. For frequent travelers, this is even more important. With the increasing air rates these days, it’s tough to save money every day to afford a ticket. To travel to places you like by paying less, you need to be smart. So here are the smart ways to take advantage of the best deals in air travel.

Research Online

Knowing where and when to book a flight is the first step to get the best deals. Usually, this is not easy. Each airline has its own established days for discounted fares. It can be announced or unannounced to the public. With the Internet today, it’s possible to predict a day sale.

There are websites that show future flights with rates attached to them. For example, Microsoft’s Bing Travel displays all airlines it could find in one column. The other columns show the departure times, stopovers, arrival times, duration of the flight, and the price for booking. Here’s a nifty tip: many airlines today issue fare sales every Tuesday.

Book At The Right Time

Take note that in the last two weeks before the actual flight, ticket prices tend to increase. So if you plan to book a flight in those two weeks, you have no choice but to pay a high price. That’s not negotiable anymore, unless if you have a discount coupon in hand.

But sometimes you may get lucky to avail cheaper rates in those final weeks. One reason is that the airline has failed to get more passengers to fill the seats. It is best to book in advance to avail the best rates. It is recommended that you book a flight three to six months beforehand for international travel.

A Happy Hunting Ground

Constantly hunt down airline ticket prices especially if you are a habitual traveler. People travel for many reasons, such as for pleasure and business transactions. The latter tend to book more flights than the former due to necessities. If you live close to an airport, then go inside to check the changing flights and their rates.

Even if you live far from an airport terminal, you can still check airline flight schedules in travel agencies and travel websites. You may be surprised that most cheap rates fall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays on most airlines. Remember to avoid the peak seasons if you can. You’ll pay more than the regular rate.

Join Frequent Flyer Promos

If you have a frequent flyer miles in your hand, then use it. Although it becomes harder and harder to avail miles today, don’t let that discouraged you. It is easy for you to get on board quickly and take one of the very limited seats designated for frequent flyer holders.

Airlines issue frequent flyer programs as a marketing tool to entice more ticket buyers by awarding frequent passengers. The awards for such loyalty are fare discounts and other perks. To join (if you haven’t got one yet), just register for the program of your favorite airline. 

Take Advantage Of Other Benefits

If an airline offers an air pass for a country you always liked to visit; then get it. Make sure you’re already done with passport processing. Countries do this to attract more tourists. Air passes provide cost-effective measures to the traveler. Acquiring an air pass varies from airline to airline. Just check the requirements on how to get one.

Sometimes airlines and third-party agencies offer discounted travel deals. They are often issued for the upcoming major holidays. Grab it at once. However, you will likely have to compete with many people to get the limited number of those travel deals. But getting one is a huge cost saver.

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