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Top 10 Travel Safety Tips For Women

Women worry about their safety, especially when they travel outside their respective countries. News of attacks on female tourists in some parts of the world can make others think twice before going. But don’t let those things ruin your dream. Here are a few safety tips for women who want to travel and explore.

Plan Before Going

Planning is a very important part of going on a trip. It is a form of preparation that helps you not only have a stress-free trip but a safe trip as well. Plan all the details in advance, like where you will be staying, how long will your trip be, which places will you visit, etc. It is also best to have emergency contact numbers ready, like the hospital, the police station, etc.

Always Stay In Touch

Have at least one trusted person who keeps a copy of your itinerary. This copy includes your contact information, accommodation, flight numbers, credit card numbers and bank account numbers, and a schedule of your supposed activities. Open your means of communication from time to time through email, mobile phone, Facebook, or Skype calls. Regularly inform your loved one of your current situation so they know what’s going on and that you are safe.

Avail Of Travel Insurance

“Why would I need one?” you might ask. It costs a lot of money. That amount would be better off used for the trip. Right? Not really. Travel insurance will compensate your expenses from possible unfortunate circumstances like these: lost luggage and properties, a stolen wallet, major accidents, etc. You may never know; these things may or may not happen to you while enjoying your trip, but better safe than sorry.

Secure Documents

The law of every country requires travel and legal documents. Losing them can be a huge headache when you are in a police station or airport terminal. Hide your passports, visas, IDs, etc. in a highly secure storage. Better to leave them in your accommodation inside a safety box rather than bring them all while you’re out exploring.

Money Management

Always bring extra cash with you for every trip. You might have miscalculated your budgeting or you may lose some cash or maybe you just find something you want to buy that you did not account for. By bringing extra, you can easily pay off an item or service along the way. But don’t overspend. Only take an adequate amount for the trip. It’s not just about overspending but protecting yourself from thieves lurking in the shadows.

Take Only What You Need

Wallets, bags, keys, mobile phones, and clothing are some of the things needed for the trip. Travel light is the mantra. You may be climbing a high mountain or riding a small-sized taxi. Carrying a lot is a hassle in these situations. Digicams can be bought for those who like to take pictures. Laptops and tablets may be needed in some situations. Keep your eye on them all the time.

Uncompromising Awareness

Always being on alert is your first line of defense. People can take advantage of you, especially being a woman. By having all your senses on the lookout, rather than giving way to distractions, you can avoid suspicious individuals. Researchers have found out that criminals prefer targeting people who appear oblivious to their surroundings. 

Blend With The Society

Remember, it’s their country you are visiting. They have their own unique customs and laws. Therefore, please don’t do anything that may upset them in the first place. Get information from friends and the Internet to know the do’s and don’ts of a particular country. For example, many Muslim countries prohibit revealing clothing for women. Therefore, wear modest clothes. You may be required to wear a head covering as well.

Stay Sober

Take care of how much alcohol you drink. It can dull your senses, which makes you vulnerable. You can be taken advantage of by others as they see that you’re in a vulnerable state. Your belongings can easily be stolen, or you can be followed and mugged. There are a lot of things that can happen to when your senses are not sharp. So it’s okay to go drink and have fun, as long as you do it in moderation for the sake of your safety.

Don’t Travel Alone

Places with few or no people around can be risky for a woman traveling alone. If you can take friends with you or if you booked yourself with a travel group, the better. Stay close to them when you’re out in the open. If you travel all by yourself, go to places where there are lots of people gathering. Take a quick and secure route back to your accommodation at night.

Although there are a lot of risks out there, this should not stop you from going out and seeing the world. Safety and wise decision-making can make your trip rewarding.

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