Passport book number

Passport Book

The Department of State requires that you provide a passport book number when you apply for a passport card. This applies to both adults and minors. You can find your passport book number on your current United States Passport, but if you don’t have it handy, there are other ways to locate it as well.

Why does the Department of State require that you provide a passport book number?

The passport book number is used to verify your identity and confirm that you are the same person who applied for the passport. It also helps determine if you are eligible for a passport card, a convenient alternative to carrying your bulky passport book all day.

The Department of State requires this information because it allows them to keep track of all travel documents issued by them and ensure only one person has access to each document at any given time (this prevents others from impersonating someone else).

Where can I locate my passport book number?

You can find your passport book number on the front cover of your passport and also on the machine-readable zone (MRZ) page. The MRZ page contains all the information encoded in your passport’s machine-readable strips.

What does a passport book cost?

The cost of a passport book depends on the age of the applicant. For adults, it’s $135 for a regular adult-sized passport book and $105 for an expedited one. For minors, it’s $30 for both regular and expedited cards.

A passport card is valid only within the United States; if you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need to have your full-size (or “book”) passport with you. If you don’t have one yet but want to apply now so that everything will be ready by time for summer vacation plans later this year–or if there’s some other reason why waiting until closer to when those plans are finalized seems like too long–there are ways around this problem: You can order either version online today!

You must include your passport book number when applying for a passport card.

If you are applying for a passport card, you must include the passport book number.

It’s important to know that this number is the same as your passport number, which can be found on both sides of your passport book cover. It will also be listed on the information page inside of your book in small print along with other important information such as:

  • Your full name (and any aliases)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Final Thoughts

If you plan to travel outside of the United States, you must keep your passport book up-to-date. If it expires and you try crossing a border without a valid passport, it could lead to serious consequences such as deportation or even imprisonment if convicted of fraudulently using another person’s ID card.

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