Working While Traveling – 5 Tips To Make It Work

You plan to have a vacation because you want to clear all the stress in your life, or simply to enjoy life. However, there are times you need to bring your work with you. You want to forget about it for a while but you can’t. So how can you deal with it? Let these tips guide on how to work while traveling and still enjoy your vacation.

Never Get Distracted

Distractions are present in your travels, and they are of great abundance. Beeping cars, talkative people, pounding hammers in a construction site, reports on TV, etc. They can invade your mind in an instant. 

There must be places where you can seek solace and devote your precious hours to your work. Try the library, a coffee shop, or in the quiet corner of your room. Silence and fewer distractions are fertile grounds for creativity and quality work results.

Also, don’t be tempted to open each and every email that immediately comes to you. This is a distraction that made many people think is important. Truth is, not all emails are important. So set a time to read them all at once.

Seek Out A Dedicated Workplace

People by nature can’t work well with interruptions. A place devoted to work is haven for a busy person. A good workplace can be anything. It can be in your room or under a tree. This is easy to be done at home, but in when traveling, this can be very difficult. The key is to set a time for work then find a perfect venue for that time period.

Set Up A Schedule

Schedules should be an integral part of a laborer, whether he is a janitor or a CEO. There things happening during the job process. Allowing them to interrupt your work can immediately result to poor working performance. Your schedule must be easy to follow. All your tasks must be listed plus the goals of each task you wish to accomplish. Then allot time for each task where you can effectively perform them.

Get The Right Tools Beforehand

You can work only if you have the right tools prepared in front of you. Have you been in a situation where you forgot to bring your mobile phone with you? You can see how hard it is to communicate with your colleagues and open the emails of your boss. See what things your current job really needs. If it’s all about submitting reports online, then bring your laptop and USB sticks. Apps could be very useful as well. For example, if you need to sign documents, you can install apps that allow you to sign electronically.

Rest, Exercise And Relax

Yes, these are not work-related, but they are extremely vital. You can spend your entire life burning candles at both ends, yet it won’t yield many good results. Our bodies and minds have limits. No matter how strong and healthy you are, your body can’t take too much work. Stress-related disorders will soon undermine your quality work performance.

So take a break and have fun. Turn off your laptop, have a chat with your friends on the phone, take a walk, eat out, jog in the park, get involved in mountain climbing, etc. You will feel invigorated afterward. This will help you to refocus your mind to the work at hand.


To work is not about being busy; it’s all about being effective. Quality results can only be produced by a person who is sound of both body and mind. There are challenges involved in working while traveling, but if you know how to organize your work time and fun time, the results will be very rewarding.

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