Expedited Passport

How to get an expedited passport

There are a few options when applying for an expedited passport. You can apply at a local post office, regional passport agency, and finally hiring a registered passport expediting service.

First you can apply for a passport at your local post office or county clerk. Here at PassportOffices.com you can search our site for the best local facility to meet your expedited passport timeline. Its important to understand processing times. The post office can secure the fast passport in about two to four weeks. You should also know if there are any issues with the passport application your time frame will not seem so expedited.

Second you have the option to apply at a regional passport agency there are over 20 regional passport agencies nationwide. You are required to make an appointment and have confirmed travel plans within 2 weeks or require a visa within 4 weeks. The contact number is 877-487-2778. Once you appear at the passport agency you will complete all the required documents and remember to have a biometric compliant passport photo.

The last option is to hire the help of a registered passport expediting service. These are private companies authorized by passport services to hand carry your passport application to one of the regional passport agencies. Service fees range from $79 - $400 depending on how fast you need your passport expedited. Remember to always check a companies passport service reviews online and make sure they are accredited with the BBB.

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